“Arrows in the Dark is an easy read and is skillfully paced.

“Vannier captures vividly the excitement and danger of espionage ...”

Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

“A very insightful look into the background of efforts to destroy the Church of Scientology both from within and without.”  – Rumplestilskin

“Since I'm a pretty busy person I decided to read about 50 pages of “Arrows in the Dark” at night and that was giving it high priority. I succeeded for 2 nights. The third day was another matter as I let the phone ring, dirty dishes pile up, didn't even go to the net-I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN!! I almost read the entire book in one day! Wow!! What an exciting and well written read!” Ingrid S.

“I actually read this book and my review on is based on what I read in the book. It is an excellent, fast-paced account of how an entity such as the Church of Scientology became so powerful that it thought it could get away with anything. Merrell brought to light what can happen to any business or religion when you stop playing by the rules. It took a lot of guts to write this book and now that it is published It is a must-read for any enterprising person or group who wants to learn from others mistakes. My hat is off to Merrell for a well-written, fast paced, page turner.” V.V.

“A good yarn.  I’m extremely impressed with the research and the author’s ability to dig up facts; fascinating. C. K.

“I loved the book, a real page turner.”  M. C.

“Great writing, a page turner; an important book.” M.S.

“I find the topics and issues compelling.  I really had not thoughts about Scientology prior to reading the book other than that Tom Cruise was a member.”  R.G.

“One of the few books I’ve sat down to read and couldn’t wait to get back to it.  I really enjoyed it!  It’s outstanding.”  D.G.

“I was hooked from the gitgo.  A full-on page turner.  I read it in only two days because I couldn’t put it down.  Great story.  Beautiful writing.”  J. L.

“I was thunderstruck, in a good way.  The back cover says exactly what I got out of the book: it flips the narrative on Scientology.  Congratulations to the author.  Quite a feat.”  D. S.

“The book is very revealing and a good read.  The dialogue was great.”  G.M.

“A page turner.  This is very, very good.  Lots of intrigue.”  V.A.

"Just read your book. Absolutely riveting.” S.S.

“Just finished reading your book. Couldn't put it down. Is about to bring me in trouble with the cycles not done while I was reading.  : )”  Worsel




arrows in the dark cover

A Tale of Power, Corruption & Secrecy... With a Billion Dollar Empire Hanging in the Balance.

Learn the inside story about the fall of Scientology's intelligence network—the notorious Guardian's Office. And how this set the stage for a takeover of the church by 21-year-old David Miscavige. Was Miscavige's motive to save Scientology from an out-of-control intelligence network? Or was it something more sinister? Stunning controversy that flips the narrative on the subject of Scientology.

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