• "LAWYER'S DAYS IN CLEARWATER SPAWN MYSTERY" Clearwater Sun, Friday April 4, 1980

  • "Last week Merrell George Vannier, now 32, was accused of being a Church of Scientology spy..."

  • Vannier represented former mayor Gabriel Cazares in legal battles with the church!

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arrows in the dark cover 3d

Why would the US government infiltrate a church?
Why would a church infiltrate the US government?
Who ran both sides?

A Tale of Power, Corruption & Secrecy...
With a Billion Dollar Empire Hanging in the Balance.

Learn the inside story about the fall of Scientology's intelligence network—the notorious Guardian's Office. And how this set the stage for a takeover of the church by 21-year-old David Miscavige. Was Miscavige's motive to save Scientology from an out-of-control intelligence network? Or was it something more sinister? Stunning controversy that flips the narrative on the subject of Scientology.

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“I was thunderstruck, in a good way. The back cover says exactly what I got out of the book: it flips the narrative on Scientology. Quite a feat.” D. S. Read More Reviews of This Book

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  • Author's NoteFrom Scientology's No. 1 Spy

    This is a true story. All the scenes depicted actually happened. The facts and settings are likewise accurate. There are three qualifications to those statements. (1) Some aliases have been used. Those names, and the reason for using them, are indicated in the end notes. Otherwise, all names are real. (2) Dialogue is largely based on memory and may not reflect the exact words spoken. And (3) I have taken literary license to substitute layman’s language for Scientology jargon in some places. At one time I was Scientology’s No. 1 spy…
  • ForewordRisking everything

    This is a short primer on the subjects of Scientology and its organizations. It is designed to assist readers who know nothing about them. Some pre-publication readers who knew little or nothing about Scientology did just fine with the book; a couple of others suggested I provide further assistance. The first thing to know about Scientology is that it started with the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard. Published in 1950 it became an instant best-seller...
  • Chapter 1The day that changed it all

    A television satellite truck and a small army of men and women armed with video cameras and microphones were camped in front of the St. Louis Church of Scientology. All the attention was centered on church spokesman Fred Rock, who was dressed in a minister’s shirt, black with a white clergyman’s collar. I worked at the church and was returning from lunch. Other staff members were gathered around the perimeter of the media event. I moseyed over to check it out. Rock was speaking. I only heard bits and pieces...
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A rare look into the dark secrets of Scientology's secret intelligence apparatus.